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Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department Division Docket No. FINANCIAL STATEMENT Long Form INSTRUCTIONS If your income is less than 75 000. 00 annually you must complete the SHORT FORM financial statement unless otherwise ordered by the court. STATEMENT BY ATTORNEY I the undersigned attorney am admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts-am admitted pro hoc vice for the purposes of this case-and am an officer of the court. As the...
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Who needs a Long Financial statement form?

If you need to deal with the Family Court on a case of divorce, separate support, paternity, modification or contempt and your yearly income is more than $75,000, you have to fill out this financial statement.

What is Long Financial statement form for?

This form is used at the court hearings concerning alimony, child support, property division, and other financial matters. The financial statement is one of the most important documents you file with the court. The information in this document helps the judge to make an important decision.

Is Long Financial statement form accompanied by other forms?

You must attach the copies of last year’s W-2 and 1099 forms.

When is Long Financial statement form due?

Each party of the case has to complete the Financial Statement within 45 days after the defendant receives the complaint.

How do I fill out Long Financial statement form?

You have to fill out the form completely and truthfully. Keep in mind that untrue answers can lead to criminal prosecution. While completing the form, you have to provide the following information:

  • Personal information

  • Information about your income and deductions

In the end, you have to sign and date your form.

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Instructions and Help about long form financial statement
Laws calm legal forms guide Massachusetts financial statement long form form cjd 301 L in Massachusetts divorces in which financial issues or division of property are at stake wealth parties may be required to complete financial statements this article discusses the long form Massachusetts financial statement which should be completed by those who earn 75 thousand dollars or more a year step 1 enter both parties names at the top of the form in Section 1 enter your personal information is requested step 2 in section 2 lists your gross weekly income from all sections step 3 in section 3 lists all tax and other deductions withheld from your earnings step 4 in section 4 subtract your deductions from your weekly income to determine your net income step 5 in section 5 list your gross income from the past year and attach all related w2 and 1099 forms step 6 in section 6 list all your expenses which are not deducted from wages in section 7 list the expenses associated with your divorce attorney and your total projected expenses related to this litigation step 7 section 8 a requires you to list all your real estate section 8 B concerns all motor vehicles you earn section 8 C documents your pension plans and section 8 D for all other assets including stocks and bank accounts list their current balances and values and account numbers step 8 in section 9 you should list all of your liabilities not listed elsewhere give the name of every creditor the type of debt the dated began the amount due and the size of your weekly payments step 9 you and your attorney should both sign and date the form your signature should be made before a notary public who will fix their to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws dot-com